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SoulCollage® Introductory Workshops

In these fun, inspiring workshops you will have the opportunity to begin creating your own deck of SoulCollage® cards that represent different parts of you.  The SoulCollage® process involves choosing magazine images that speak to you in some way (use what I have on hand or bring some of your own) and creating a home for that image on a card.  SoulCollage® grants access to inner parts of yourself, provides direction for your daily life and reveals aspects of your personality to explore in more depth. 

For more information about SoulCollage(R), click here to be redirected to their website. 

SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings

Have you been using SoulCollage® for your own exploration and now want to share it with others?  The SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is for those who are interested in sharing the process with others, individually or in groups.  The training will provide a more in-depth explanation of the process and the different considerations for sharing it with others.  For more information about the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training, click here to be redirected to the Facilitator Training on their website. 


Other Creative Arts Classes

What is your creative outlet?  Looking for some self-care or an opportunity to learn a new way of expressing yourself?  Come join one of our creative arts classes.  

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